Nothing Better To Do
General Information
Shipped Characters Andrew Richards and Jocelyn Gilbert
Start of Relationship Payback's a Bitch first meeting
Nothing Better To Do start of romantic relationship
Status Dating
Andleyn is the currently, as of Nothing Better To Do, romantic relationship between Andrew Richards and Jocelyn Gilbert.


  • Andrew meets Jocelyn when she is strolling through the courtyard because it relaxes her, and Jocelyn invites him to join her in Payback's a Bitch.
  • In Nothing Better To Do, Andrew asks out Jocelyn, mentioning that he met a really cute girl who liked to take strolls because it relaxed her, referring to their first encounter.
  • Jocelyn says she'd love to get dinner with Andrew, even if she's not the cute girl he was talking about.
  • Andrew tries to pick up Jocelyn for their date, but instead gets interrogated by Jocelyn's parents.
  • Jocelyn is telling Brianna about her date with Andrew, the next day.
  • When Katherine says that Jocelyn has to choose between her relationship with Andrew and her friendship with Katherine, Jocelyn says that if Katherine was her friend, she wouldn't make her choose, meaning Jocelyn didn't want to break up with Andrew.