Short and Sweet
General Information
Shipped Characters Charlotte Chase and Savannah Davis
Start of Relationship Pilot
Status Friends
End of Relationship Short and Sweet due to Savannah leaving.
Charvannah is the friendship pairing of Charlotte Chase and Savannah Davis. They have been friends since their first appearance in Pilot.


  • In Pilot, they are sitting next to each other, while talking to Leah and Queen.
  • In Tryouts, they both wanted to sign up for the same things, and invited Leah and Queen to join with them.
  • Later in Tryouts, they arrive together to sign up for choir, and Savannah looks uncomfortable when Charlotte confronts Layla.
  • They enter their chemistry room together in Payback's a Bitch.
  • Brittany asks Savannah where Charlotte is in Nice Guys Finish Last, seeing as they're always together.
  • Ashley says that Savanah has to tell Charlotte that she's leaving, because friends don't keep secrets like that, and Savannah says she knows.
  • Charlotte stops her rant about Heath in A Picture Says A Thousand Words when she notices that Savannah isn't paying attention, and asks Savannah what's wrong, but Savannah says nothing is, and that she wants to be left alone.
  • Charlotte gets angry at Savannah when she finds out that she is leaving, and didn't tell her. Savannah tries to apologise, but Charlotte tells her to save it.
  • In Short and Sweet, Savannah goes to Charlotte's house with a cake to apologise, while Charlotte is cutting up photos of them.
  • Savannah says that she was stupid to not tell Charlotte, because she was going to miss Charlotte the most. they reconcile and hug.
  • They walk over to Ashley, Brittany and Alice and Ashley and Brittany both hug them and say that they're glad they're talking again.
  • Charlotte and Savannah have an emotional goodbye in Short and Sweet.