Christina Green
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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Status: Alive
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Birthday: June 30, 1991
Height: 5'7
Hometown: Montgomery, Alabama
Known for: Kyli on Making it Big
Aliases: Tina
Family & Friends
Family: N/A
Relationships: N/A
Role-playing Information
Portrays: Alice Mitchell
Christina Green is an actress that portrays Alice Mitchell on Kingsley Heights . She is better known for her role as Kyli on Making it Big.


  • Her favorite drinks are Mountain Dew and Pepsi, according to her Tweetbook.
  • She's known her co-star Kristina Ryan, who portrays Layla El, since she was 10.
  • Her favorite thing to do when she's bored is buy ice cream (cookie dough) and watch a movie. Most of the time that movie is The Parent Trap.
  • Her favorite singer is Lady Gaga, and her favorite song by her is You and I.
  • Lots of people desribe her as a goofball.
  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • Her favorite actress is Mila Kunis.



  • Crazy Dreams as Brigit Starr (2001-2004; supporting role)
  • Wilson's Corner as Janet King (2005; 1 episode)
  • Making it Big as Kyli Mendler (2005-2012; Main Role)
  • Killing Love as Michelle Summers (2006-2009; Main Role)
  • Kingsley Heights as Alice Mitchell (2012-present; Main Role)


  • Feeling Free as Eleanor Styles (2006)
  • How to Fall in Love as Bella Wilson (2010)
  • Just Saying as Emily Morris (2011)