Gale Hemsworth
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Status: Alive
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Birthday: July 12th
Height: 6'0
Residence: Hemsworth Residence
Occupation(s): Student, Singer
Aliases: Come up with one...
Family & Friends
Mother: Tiffany Hemsworth
Father: Tony Hemsworth
Friends: TBD
Relationships: TBD
Other Information
Interests: Singing, Acting, Guitar
Weaknesses: Cockroaches
Role-playing Information
First appearance: Tryouts
Last appearance: Unknown
Portrayer: Blake Everdeen

Gale Hemsworth is a recurring character on Kingsley Heights. His first appearance was in Tryouts. He is an only child. His best friend appears to be Courtney James. He is portrayed by Blake Everdeen.

Season OneEdit

Gale's first appearance is in Tryouts, when he is auditioning for the drama club with Courtney. In Payback's a Bitch he reveals that he was accepted into the drama club, when Courtney asks him. They hug, and Courtney leaves.

In Nice Guys Finish Last, Gale helps Luke and Courtney give Heath a makeover, by borrowing clothes from the drama costume cupboard.

In A Picture Says A Thousand Words, it is revealed that Gale and Courtney were the ones who stole Anthony's phone, which accidentally leads to Anthony and Andrew trying to break into the principal's car. Gale is eating lunch with Courtney, Andrew and Anthony when their principal tells Andrew and Anthony that they are in serious trouble, in Short and Sweet, and is told that he, too, could be in serious trouble if he can't explain why he and Courtney were in the staff carpark.