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General Information
Shipped Actors Hartley Nash and Cameron Kirke
Status Best friends, close friends

Hartron is the real life pairing of Hartley Nash and Cameron Kirke. They met on the set of The Mortician's Daughter


  • Cameron was suppose to play the main role 'David' in A and D, but Hartley was like 'Noooooo.'
    • Later, it was revealed that Hartley felt awkward having Cameron as a love interest.
  • On the set of The Mortician's Daughter Hartley once insulted Cameron, what he didn't know was they we're filming, he then had a tantrum.
  • In an interview, Hartley was asked if she was dating anyone, Hartley replied 'I'm not, everyone's so intimidated with Cameron, that they back away. He's like a very annoying pitbull." Then Cameron sent her a text in the middle of the interview, saying "I am not. Your lying, Hart."
  • Both Hartley and Cameron are seen numerous of times at Starbucks.
  • Kingsley Heights is their 5th time co-starring with each other.
  • Hartley once tweeted '@Cameroniskewl You seriously need to get a life, Cam.' She tweeted this because she and her sister we're out for smoothies, and Cameron suddenly jumped at them from behind.
  • When Cameron played a gay role. Someone insulted him on TweetBook, then Hartley replied to the person. '@iamsokewl Just because he played a gay role, doesn't mean his gay. You don't know him, so don't judge him.'


  • They are both Christian.
  • Both of them own the complete set of 'The Hunger Games.'
  • Both their parents are also friends.
  • They both try to audition, to any shows one of them is in.
  • Cameron's sister and Hartley brother are both in the same college.