General Information
Shipped Characters Kaelyn Stone and Jeremy Grande
Start of Relationship 7/9/12
Status Dating
End of Relationship NEVEEEERRR

Kaeremy is the romantic relationship between Kaelyn Stone and Jeremy Grande. Both stars met at the set of The Vampire Journals where they both play as each other's love interests.


  • Jeremy once stated in an interview that he loves people that names animals the wrong names.
    • After the interview, he revealed that he was actually describing Kaelyn.
  • Jeremy also admitted that he was at times, jealous of Shia LaBeouf because Kaelyn has a crush on him.
  • Kaelyn stated that she was fine with "Andleyn" as long as Jeremy's fine with "Quebyke."
  • Kaelyn mentioned that Shia LaBeouf will never be as great as Jeremy.
  • Kaelyn bought Jeremy a dog named "Cat" for his birthday.
  • Jeremy called Kaelyn his "one and only" on Tweetbook.
  • Kaelyn called Jeremy "weird" on Tweetbook.
  • Kaelyn posted a fanmade picture of her and Jeremy on Tweetbook, stating it was "cute."
  • Jeremy has made several posts on Lumblr that he likes girls that like The Big Bang Theory, American Guy. He also likes girls that watch Star Wars.
    • Yet again obviously describing Kaelyn.
  • Kaelyn said that "obviously Jeremy loves me so much he's describing me in third person... now including other girls. I can feel the love. <3"
  • Stone's quote from Lumblr: "I have to admit, I hate the word 'swag,' but Jer-Jer makes it kewl. I still hate it, tho."
  • Kaelyn: People should not call me Kaye.
  • Jeremy: Kaye Kaye Kaye Kaye KAYE.
  • Jeremy is weirded out by the nickname Jer-Jer and told Kaelyn not to call him that. But she still does.
    • Kaelyn says that it's payback for calling her Kaye.
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