Lisa Maria D'Angelo
Lisa D'Angelo
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Status: Alive
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Birthday: May 31, 1991
Height: 5'8
Hometown: Beverly Hills, CA
Known for: Peggy Williams on I'm Dating a Futurenaut
Family & Friends
Family: Carol D'Angelo (mother), Antione D'Angelo (father), Mackenzie Grace D'Angelo (sister)
Friends: Ellen York
Role-playing Information
First appearance: Tryouts
Last appearance: Unknown
Portrays: Amanda Heffley
Lisa Maria D'Angelo is an actress and singer, best known for her roles as Peggy Williams in I'm Dating a Futurenaut, Meaghan Jones in Riot Control and as Lauren Colby in The Colby Show. She portrays Amanda Heffley on Kingsley Heights.


  • Her and her sister have four dogs, Kibble, Gucci, Snaps and Lila.
  • She is good friends with castmate Ellen York, even though it is rumoured that they will play enemies.
  • According to her sister's Tweetbook, she is terrified of llamas and alpacas.