Marie Caroline Rose Hartford
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General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Status: Alive
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Deep blue
Birthday: November 3, 1994
Height: 5'5
Hometown: Queensland, Australia
Known for: Rebecca Michaels on The Vampire Journals
Family & Friends
Family: Andrew Hartford (father), Michelle Hartford (deceased mother)
Friends: Claire Lockhart
Relationships: N/A
Role-playing Information
First appearance: Pilot
Last appearance: Nothing Better To Do
Portrays: Katherine Marano

Marie Caroline Rose Hartford is an actress who playedKatherine Marano in Kingsley Heights. She is most probably most known for her role in the hit horror-supernatural show The Fall Down as Rosanna.


  • Her hair is naturally brown and curly. She dyed it when she was 13 and straightens it every day. Hartford has said that she thinks curly hair looks "messy".
  • According to her Tweetbook, she has "never been in a relationship and proud."
  • Hartford has admitted to liking Demi Lovato a tiny bit. Otherwise, she listens to classic rock and light metal.
  • On set she is proclaimed as "the rebel", but her best friend, Claire, describes her as "fun-loving", which could mean she loves to prank and is usually always sarcastic in interviews.
  • Marie has a Tweetbook and a Lumblr, however, she hardly ever uses either.
  • Her celebrity doppelganger is Claire Holt.
  • As an only child growing up, she loved to play volleyball. She said that volleyball would be her second choice "if she hadn't took the acting path."
  • Hartford was born in Australia, in which she has an accent, but she moved to New York when she was a child.
  • She met her best friend Claire Lockhart on the set of Know Your Enemies'.
  • According to her Tweetbook, she is a huge Adele and Amy Lee fan.
  • Marie has admitted to having OCD numerous times. She also has asthma and anxiety, in which as a child she was hard to handle.
  • She left KH after 10 episodes.



  • Jump then Fall as Becca Simons (2003-2007, main role)
  • Ursuline as Stella (2005, five episodes, supporting role)
  • The Fall Down as Rosanna (2006-2012, main role)
  • Restless Children as Miranda Mitchell (2006-2008, recurring role)
  • Know Your Enemies as Diane Chamberlain (2009-2012, main role)
  • The Media and Showbiz as Alana Jackson (2009-2011, five episodes)
  • The Vampire Journals as Rebecca Michaels (2010-present; season 3: recurring role, season 4-current: main role)
  • At the Tone as Hayden Brown (2011, seventeen episodes)
  • Better than Revenge as Katherine "Kath" Holt (2012-present, main role)
  • Kingsley Heights as Katherine Marano (2012, recurring role, ten episodes)


  • Saturday Night Lights as Virginia (2009, post-production, supporting role)
  • Naya's Ghost as Heather Bell (2010)
  • Bite Me as Denise Meade (2010, cameo)
  • Pennies as Emily McCoy (2011, main role)
  • Hats & Gowns as Ursula (2011)
  • Firefly Catching as Rebekah (2012, post-production)
  • Fearless as Erin Brady (2013, filming completed)

Guest Starring

  • Sixty Minutes as herself (2012, documentary on Claire Lockhart)