• Keove

    Category Clean-Up

    June 7, 2012 by Keove

    lol I'm turning into Admini. So, like, I'm now "Oreo the Responsible Admin" or, like, something else. Comment your nickname if you have any. The best will get a cookie. :P

    Should have the categories: Characters, Content, Main/Recurring Characters (whether they're protagonists or antagonists), Males/Females, and Students/Teachers.

    Should have the categories: Actors/Actresses, Cast, Content, and Main/Recurring Cast.

    Should not have the categories Males/Females, as those categories are for characters and characters only.

    Should have the categories: Episodes, Season One (or any other season), Episodes, Unaired (only if the episode hasn't aired yet. You can change/remove the category right after it's been aired), Aired, and Content.

    Should have the c…

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  • Keove

    Guys. I've been thinking. We have too many main protagonists, and too little recurring ones.

    Admini and I decided that there will be 8 main characters. Eight and only eight.

    • Queen Nirvana Webster
    • Leah Carson
    • Jocelyn Gilbert
    • Alice Mitchell
    • Courtney James
    • Damien Kale
    • Luke Wright
    • Andrew Richards

    And the rest are recurring characters.

    Please don't get angry if your character isn't added in the main characters. We have our reasons. And one more thing. If you will make a new character, please keep in mind that he/she will be a recurring character.

    • Minimi and I will be doing a category cleanup.
    • If you want a male character to be in the main lead, please leave either me, Admini, or Sunrise a message.
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