Welcome to the Kingsley Heights Wiki. This is our extensive guide on how this wiki works.


How do I make my character?Edit

Pretty simple, actually. You just create a new page, select a photo and add information about your character. A lot of information will be added to their pages as the series progresses, so there's no need to worry too much now.

How many characters can I make?Edit

Currently, we've set the limit to five characters. However, these five characters include one main female, one main male and three recurring/minor, or one main female/male and four recurring/minor, or just five recurring/minor characters.

How do I select a picture for my character?Edit

Also pretty simple. You'll need to find an actor/actress or even a singer (preferrably with a lot of pictures) and then you just go here and add it to the wiki.

What categories do I add to my character page?Edit

Depending on whether your character is main/recurring/minor and male/female, there are a few categories you can add. Category:Content , Category:Females, Category:Males, Category:Characters, Category:Main Characters, Category:Recurring Characters, Category:Minor Characters.

The ones in bold are for every character.

Actor/Actress PagesEdit

What do I make on my actor/actress page?Edit

For now, you put what they're most famous for (this is made up), as well as the role they play on Kingsley Heights. A lot of actor/actresses also have a trivia and filmography section.

How do I select a picture for them?Edit

It should be the same celebrity as your character, so you just need to upload another picture of them. Simple enough?

What categories do I add?Edit

Similarly to characters, Category:Content, Category:Cast, Category:Actresses, Category:Actors, Category:Main Cast, Category:Recurring Cast, Category:Guest Stars, Category:Minor Cast.


Who writes the episodes?Edit

The episodes are a collaborative effort. One or two people are the main writers of the episode, and will compile the episode summary on the episode page, however, two weeks before the episode is written, we will make a forum page, called Forum:Episode Title. It will tell you who the writer(s) is/are and a brief plot detail. It is here that you can make suggestions for quotes/moments/characters/guest stars/pairings/etc. that you want in the episode.

How do I become a main writer for an episode?Edit

Volunteer. It's that simple. For now, most episodes will be written in pairs, so find someone to work with and volunteer, by contacting one of the admins.


What pairings am I allowed to make?Edit

Any and all. Preferably ones with photos together, but that's not necessary.

What is appropriate/innappropriate regarding pairings/ships?Edit

Bashing other ships is a big no. Stuff like x sucks, y is so much better than x, x and all its shippers are stupid etc. You should be able to tell.